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Water Features Direct Ltd was established in 2005 with support from our German parent company Schmalenberger GmbH, initially in order to provide in region sales, product and technical support to Asia & Australasia for the Fluvo swimming pool product range. 

Please view our extensive range of swimming pool products by selecting the Fluvo Products Menu and Sub Menus. 

In 2007 having established a reputation for first class sales and technical support, the company then also took on the regional distributor role for Schmalenbergerindustrial pumps, which are widely used in countries such as China; Hong Kong; Japan; South Korea and the USA etc.

Schmalenberger's pumps are highly recognised for their precision engineering, performance and long term reliability.

Headquartered in Tubingen Germany our parent company Schmalenberger Gmbh with
a turnover in excess of 12.3 million euro in 2013, is a recognised industry leader in both the swimming pool and industrial pump industries. With a strong brand recognition for the design, development and manufacturing of a wide range of high quality and innovative swimming pool water feature products and industrial pumps.

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